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Many of you know me from my baseball writing at FanGraphs, Beyond the Boxscore or Future Redbirds.

What many do not know about me is that ten years ago I graduated from Bible College. While I’ve graduated from Bible school, I feel like I have a way to go in my training before I enter the ministry. But in the meantime, I enjoy a good philosophical and theological discussion, and there is no place like the internet to throw my thoughts and ideas out there.  I’ve learned from experience that blogging can help me learn and understanding a particular subject.

My biblical convictions are rooted in the Pentecostal traditions (similar to Foursquare Gospel or Assemblies of God).

So if you’re out there, feel free to drop me a comment and join me in a discussion.  Disagreements and are welcome, just play nice.

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  1. Hi Erik,
    It’s good to see someone making the point for healing. I have been on this trail personally for a long time, and am finally getting clarity. First I finally understand the mechanics of the cross. The old man is crucified with Jesus there. No one of us was actually there. God simply counts us as being there. It is a legal decision on his part to account it so that ends up being mercy and grace since I was not actually there but get the benefit of being there.The weight of me is shifted onto Christ completely. He is the only one who was actually there. Yet the bible reads us being there, Paul insisting we reckon ourselves dead having died with him. Amazing. This clears the way for resurrection. Though I did not rise with him in actuality,yet I am counted again as being so by God. All this of course is triggered into my reality when I believe in Christ as my saviour. I then get “in” to him.
    Sin as a principle was me, thru the fall a corruption entered and our nature was changed so that because it was sinful it chose to commits sins. All this was housed in me, the old man.
    What I never got before though was how he carried sickness in himself to the cross.

    When I did recently, it seemed so simple. Sin was contained in my person, and sickness is also contained in my body, my experience. All is in the old man. When Christ took the old man to the cross he disposed both of sin, sins, and sickness. He also rendered satan completely idle according the hebrew word “destroy” in the book of hebrews.The old man is the access point for satan. Take that away and he has nothing to tap into. This is what Christ did. The salvation is complete, it is perfect, our job is to understand the truth of just what it is about and absorb it’s facts as our facts. Which then changes our reality. the is the process of faith. We are to go from faith to faith deeper into the understanding of the righteousness he restored for us. It is more than sad that there are people out there who claim to be Christ’s followers but want to limit the facts and effect of his salvation. It may not be knowingly but they teach heresy and keep people from the kingdom and from all God purchased for us.

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